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Unconventional cage platforms heels Dolce&Gabbana 2013

Eye catching and remarkable Dolce & Gabbana  promise you to get you ready for  the red carpet.dilce-and-gabbana-cage-sandals-0-690x515 dilce-and-gabbana-cage-sandals-1 dilce-and-gabbana-cage-sandals-2 dilce-and-gabbana-cage-sandals-3

Elegant cage sandals with inspired heels artistic are made in gold leather and metal, embellished with velvet insoles and roses .by contrast their beauty may not guarantee the comfort but the style for sure is assured.

Those sandals are part of the fall 2013 runway show line, being a real eye catch piece. Wear a simple neutral outfit so those luxurious shoes make you shine.dilce-and-gabbana-cage-sandals-4

6.5 inches heel with a 3 inch platform so in spite of a small height, you’ll be in the top of fashion. At $6,900 the Dolce and Gabbana sandals can be considered a treasured investment.

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  1. musatelenaalexandra

    they are gorgeus!

  2. Stefan Ana

    musatelenaalexandra yes,really catchy 😉

    • admin

      Yes, those are on my shopping list…when I will be rich it will be my first acquisition :))

  3. GeorginaEdith Yes, those are on my shopping list…when I will be rich it will be my first acquisition :))

  4. Nilva

    Wow gorgeous phoots. What a job you have. Looks like so much fun (though I know your artistry takes a lot of skill and talent). Caroline and Stefan must have had fun. Thanks for sharing these phoots lovely!

  5. Ifat

    Mark, I think your comment beacsue of the lack of use of principled design techniques is a bit sweeping and overstating things. I obviously can’t speak for all of the WS-* specifications, but I’m confident this doesn’t apply to the ones I’ve been involved with. Those ones really do have more of a political agenda around them. Having done this kind of work through the OMG for over a decade, I’m pretty confident that an organisational structure like that would have been of benefit to the community.

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