How can you get that nasty attractiveness

Physical attraction has been studied for a long time from many perspectives- cultural, social and universal perception common to all human cultures. This concept is involved in how people judge social opportunities, friendship, sexual behavior and marriage.

Studies shows that some physical features are attractive in both men and woman- like facial and body symmetry, considering also the fact that this aspect brought to extreme can be “disturbing”

Deciding if somebody is attractive takes only a glimpse of a picture for 100 of a second.

Youthfulness, smoothness and clarity of skin, vivid color in the eyes and hair, furthermore expressive behavior, affectionate disposition, grace of manner, aristocratic bearing, social accomplishments, and personal habits have been proved to be keys for attractiveness.

There are features that cannot be changed and also features that can be shaped into creating a “better version of what you can be”.

Really now!? Who doesn’t want to be attractive?

Beauty is in the eyes of the seeker, and has many shapes and features. In fact being charming may be defined as beauty.

Physical attractiveness increases the perception that a beautiful person has also many other positive attributes ,generalizing appears the “beautiful-is-good” effect  -creating the impression that if someone is attractive is also popular, smart, happy and extrovert.

This could bring us to a self-fulfilling prophecy; a young pretty girl receives more attention that makes her develop attractiveness features as a confident woman-being already used to have advantages she has developed the self-confidence.

So let’s have some fun!

Thinking that we first see the others person’s face and as you read up here – youthfulness, smoothness and clarity of skin are located in the top of our scientists list.

How can you get that nasty attractiveness

Let’s face it now !

Will begin by saying that you need to know the main points for your inner beauty.

And those are:

1.Sleep- the clarity sensation needs just a little bit amplified  by make up

2.Nutrition-that acne won’t cure itself if you still eat junk food

3.Hydration-water is the key for a free wrinkle lifelong principle

4.Body tone-a nice cheek is sustained and carried by a nice workout body – work it baby!

5.Mental- after researching into this, I realize that all together makes us what we are, and want.

That feel that you have already accomplished your plans -as I mentioned up here the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Or “Fake it ’til you make it

Mental exercise thinking that you are already a winner- don’t think that I need to remember you why you are so lucky, do I?

Please let me know in a comment bellow your beauty and mental tricks to succeed.

Stay tuned for a limitless mind and other beauty tricks!

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    I’m excited to follow your blog Ana! I studied psychology in college so I really appreciate the fact that you write about it too. I always love reading about new studies. Great post!

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