Save Your Day Using Those Beauty Inspirations

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Hello my precious little diamond!!

Ready to shape up?

 Today I would like to talk to you about what inspires my day and this may bring some inspiration in yours too.

Since forever I have a passion for oil– body, hair, face, food. I just love to use it. Anytime I feel that my skin or my hair is not hydrate I just pop a spoon of oil – I don’t like to save it, at least talking about the common oil –olive oil, grapes oil–those are pretty cheap and work great in food and on my skin too. Furthermore interesting is the combination that some brands are doing- a luxurious recipe for the skin, protecting and nourishing the skin that is dried out, repairing damaged skin by winter and dried out in summer.

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6 Shampoos that will treat your stress related hair problems

Kerium DS Anti-dandruff intensive -Micro-exfoliating treatment shampoo About this one can say that removes persistent dandruff and leaves hair nice and shiny while deeply cleanses the scalp but you cannot use it more than twice a week because can get aggressive with the precious hair. Even so – I still recommend it, as a favorite too!

Hello my precious little diamond!!


Ready to shape up?

 Today I would like to talk to you about an issue that I had with my hair, and maybe this will help you too.

We all have stress periods like exam sessions or even daily schedule can be a stressful factor when we forget to take care of ourselves trying to get the job done. Even the noisy, crowded and brash surroundings is one of our biggest stress causes in the modern life.So our body is overwhelmed and we can feel the stressful factors on our skin too.

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You need to know about these Mascara

rimel 10


Mascara – is a must for all kinds of makeup. It makes your eyelashes appearing longer and thicker, which makes your eyes look charming like a doll’s eyes (true story The trick is to find a good one for your eye type and your eyelashes’ hair. And I would like to help you sharing what I tried, and liked it or not.

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How can you get that nasty attractiveness


Physical attraction has been studied for a long time from many perspectives- cultural, social and universal perception common to all human cultures. This concept is involved in how people judge social opportunities, friendship, sexual behavior and marriage.

Studies shows that some physical features are attractive in both men and woman- like facial and body symmetry, considering also the fact that this aspect brought to extreme can be “disturbing”

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Do you have winter mood?


A cold air breaks into your lungs, and you breathe as slow as you can to limit the sensation given by that cold morning. Life is made by exchange- air, energy, moments, thoughts, emotions … and the time we measure while it’s passing by us. Sometimes slow, sometimes too fast.

 On the other hand a snowflake winter, a wonderland , evening time enriched with comfort and warmth, the faux fur lining feels heavenly on your feet and body .Even in the coldest evenings when coming back from work, a cup of tea warms you inside out inducing a calm attitude, perfect to induce you sweet dreams. And some lighten candles sparkling a soft warm apple and spice beside the little naughty light…what a charming evening!

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Unconventional cage platforms heels Dolce&Gabbana 2013

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Eye catching and remarkable Dolce & Gabbana  promise you to get you ready for  the red carpet.

Elegant cage sandals with inspired heels artistic are made in gold leather and metal, embellished with velvet insoles and roses .by contrast their beauty may not guarantee the comfort but the style for sure is assured.

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Winter Tale-Cartier 2013


As Christmas gets closer, the emblematic French jewelry house Cartier has disclosed a new advertising campaign based around the theme. Cartier was founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847.
Titled ‘Winter Tale’, the campaign presents a video – directed by Bruno Aveillan – displaying two panther cubs playing hide and seek in a snow-filled forest. Panthers were first featured in Cartier’s “L’Odyssée de Cartier” media campaign last year.
Amongst the fir trees and forestry, the cubs uncover several Cartier pieces including rings, bracelets, a clutch bag and watches as ideal Christmas gifts. 

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Top 5 Makeup – November Crush

latest crush makeup november

Because it’s been a while since last make up shopping, today I run into Sephora and grab some new basics products.

I can tell that every single product it’s just amazing ,I definitely recommend you to try them.

It’s a bit annoying that I bought them just now, because I spent so much money on other cheap products,that all together ,just didn’t deserve the waste.

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